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Jim Graham

President | Simba Diamond Drilling Ltd.


Astute, James Graham has garnered incalculable years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in the mining industry and continues to operate above par. With strong leadership qualities and organizational skills, he is the president of Simba Diamond Drilling Limited, a leader in mining services. In his daily responsibilities, he oversees the purchasing of equipment and supervises drill programs and projects. Mr. Graham is also responsible for retrieving core samples for mining companies. His strong communication and interpersonal skills allow him to successfully lead his team to excel in every project undertaken and provide excellent customer service.

Driven, Mr. Graham attributes his success to his hard work and passion for his job. In the next five years, he aspires to continue to excel in his field.

To keep abreast of issues within his field, he is affiliated with numerous associations, including the Mining Industry Professionals and the Rare Earth Investor Group. For his diligence, Mr. Graham is the recipient of an award certificate, Diamond Drilling Upgrade Level 2.

Outside of work, Mr. Graham assists in the building of a church in Africa, and enjoys building racecars. 

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